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KomunicandoKomunicando opens doors in the huge jungle of business by integrating the classical tools to the new world media.

We analyze the market,  follow trends, define communication plans and customize strategies for our customers.(in the picture Salvatore Siviero with Ronaldinho at Golden Foot – Monte Carlo)

Our services are:
Corporate identity
The English term corporate identity refers to the image that a company has, or seeks to obtain, from the public in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. We try to create a corporate identity by fusing the concreteness of reality for our customer with imagination and passion for the work we do. The dialogue does the rest.
ppDirect email marketing
It is a marketing technique through which companies communicate directly with customers and end users by sending e-mail to hoc.Il direct email marketing allows you to reach a specific target, by taking actions that use a series of interactive tools,  allowing measurable feedback from customers.
Buzz Marketing
This practice is relatively small in the world of marketing.  It is expressed through a set of unconventional marketing operations, such as word of mouth, and aims to increase the amount interest about a product or service and, ultimatley, to enhance the reputation of a brand . It gives people reason to talk about a product or service.
Guerrilla Marketing
This form of advertising is non conventional. It is a low-budget way to market,  through the creative use of resources and tools that leverage the imagination of the end users.
Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is a more unconventional form of marketing, which uses the communication skills of people to convey the message to an exponential number of end users
Social media marketing
In recent years social media marketing is becoming more popular,  and often called Social Network Marketing. This form of promotional communication is conveyed through the proper channels of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc..). It is based on creating relationships with users, and on proposals for events and activities aimed at online branding.

Communication is not one directional, and thus allows interactivity that increases its effectiveness. Often the Social Marketing Network is linked to other forms of unconventional marketing, such as viral, buzz or link building. (In the picture above Edinson Cavani with Vincenzo Zottola at Aeneas’ Landing at Gaeta)

FileComunicandoSpecifically, Comunicando takes care of:

Public Relations
• Website content
• Radio ads
• Commercials and Movies
• Alternative design marketing strategies
• Event Management

Salvatore Siviero  – Manager of Comunicando



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